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Overhead Traveling Bridge Cranes, Electric Wire Rope Hoists, Electric Chain Hoists, and Manual Chain Hoists

Since 1929, Freeland Hoist & Crane, Inc. has been your quality source for hoists, cranes, and other material handling equipment. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, we provide the finest service and quality parts for all makes and models of hoists and cranes.

We Sell Repair Parts for All Makes of Hoists

As a Master Parts Distributor, we provide all major manufacturer's parts. At Freeland Hoist & Crane, Inc., we pride ourselves in providing you with excellent service and very quick turnaround. This tradition has continued for over three generations. Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to help you meet your requirements; on time and with the assurance that you're getting the best prices and products available. We will meet all your overhead hoist and crane needs!

We Will Beat Any Price in the Grainger Catalog!

Freeland Hoist & Crane, Inc. is a Direct Factory Distributor, Direct Factory Parts Depot & Warranty Repair Station.

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